2023 oZAWA CUP

International Karate Tournament

Fine Designs Inc.


2023 Ozawa Cup

"Official Merchandizer"

Fine Designs prints customized apparel on-site.

They will provide official 2023 Ozawa Cup customized event merchandise.

Authentic Fight Shop USA

(914) 441-0145

Officially licensed distributor of Adidas branded premium performance clothing, equipment and accessories for Karate.

Kensho International

(206) 854-4496

Manufacturer of fine Martial Arts equipment.

Kensho gear is used in Martial Arts schools throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Tsuyosa Creations

(619) 759-5888

Maker of covers for Bo, Eku, Sword, Menho Bags, Silk Bags, Coin Purses, Kumite equipment bags, Tote Bags, and Make Up Bags.

All covers and bags are made with Kimono material imported from Japan

US Embroidery Master

Have your belts and uniforms embroidered and more!


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